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Diverse Range of Projects

McIvor Constructions builds a range of construction from contemporary and character homes, multi-residential units, commercial units, to minor and major renovations and extensions

House Designs and Plans

McIvor Constructions provides a range of architectural services to suit your choice of design and needs.

Home Renovations, Extension, Structural Landscaping & Pool Construction

McIvor Constructions has over thirty years’ experience in renovating and extending character homes, including pools and structural landscaping.

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About McIvor Constructions

Our Quality Construction and Renovation Business

McIvor Constructions provides exceptional building services throughout the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast areas. Services are backed by over thirty years of trusted delivery and experience.

We’ve been providing our exceptional and skilled home builders and construction services since 1998 throughout the Brisbane area. McIvor Constructions believes in client-business relationships that have strong trust and promise to create solid foundations for any new build or improvement project.

Ontime at Services

30+ Years Experience

Verified Professionals

Work With Creativity

Latest Projects

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McIvor Constructions has over thirty years’ experience building Queenslander character and contemporary homes.  Whether you have a narrow lot with minimal machine access, a lot with a steep incline, or on a riverbank, McIvor Constructions will deliver your project with precision and quality workmanship.

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Multi-residential and Commerical

McIvor Constructions builds contemporary multi-residential and commercial units, as well as projects that provide a combination of both residential with commercial use.  Our projects include structural landscaping and pool construction.

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Renovations and Extensions

McIvor Constructions appreciates that every client has different needs.  Whether you require a partial or complete renovation, a minor, or major extension to an existing dwelling, landscape, or pool, McIvor Constructions can work with you throughout the design and construction process to meet your needs.

Our Home & House Builder, Contractor & Renovation Services

Our home designs are created with architect skills for precision and our home construction professionals create works of art for unique and custom made homes throughout Brisbane. Our construction contractors are the best in Brisbane and lead the way in innovation and leadership.

McIvor Constructions is unique in that it recognises some clients want to be ‘hands-on’ through out the construction process. We can assist you in achieving the maximum enjoyment and satisfaction from your project by providing step-by-step advice, programming assistance, and management oversight. Our service enables you to be actively engaged in the construction process.
McIvor Constructions offers pre-purchase advice on the likely construction process, timelines, planning and design constraints, and preliminary construction cost estimates. We offer professional, experience, real-world advice, and information on your current and future projects. This information can be used to ensure your construction project has the best possible outcomes and ensures a smooth process.
Home & house construction & builders deliver outstanding construction services for the Brisbane area. We provide quality and professional services that set a new standard in all the projects we build. Our construction services include new and existing builds for homes, residential buildings, commercial buildings and other design and build projects.

Working With Excellence

Design & Build Unique Homes

We can assist you in choosing final colours, fixtures, and fittings that suit your lifestyle, budget, comfort, and tastes.

Building Contractors

Our home and house builder contractor services are second to none. We construct houses from the ground up providing the solid foundations for a home that will last and also look great.

House Renovations & Extensions

Designing and building home and house extensions and renovation projects such as kitchens or redesigning and remodeling additional sections onto a house or home need attention to detail and our 30+ years of experience provide the skills and know-how for any project.

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McIvor Constructions is a construction company that started in Brisbane in 1998. Its Builder and Sole Director, Scott McIvor, has over thirty years’ experience in construction and in that time has built both architectural and character family homes, commercial and multi-residential units, townhouses, duplexes, renovations, and extensions. McIvor Constructions collaborates with award-winning Brisbane Architects to bring to life the client’s dreams and vision.

McIvor Constructions is the principle contractor, oversees, and manages the delivery of the project by relentlessly attending to work conducted by employees, sub-contractors, architects, engineers, town planners, and other consultants. McIvor Constructions works with clients in the design process to ensure that the project meets its budget and end-product value.

Personalised service to discuss the client’s needs is provided at an initial meeting and continues throughout the entire construction process. No project is too difficult. McIvor Constructions has over thirty years’ experience building on lots with narrow boundaries, minimal access, riverbanks, and steep inclines. McIvor Constructions appreciates that clients have different needs and strives to develop the design and construction process accordingly.